Who We Are

AYG Consult is a full service innovator in custom market research and event management in Ghana. Our team is made up of enthusiastic young people with rich expertise and various background to accomplish our objective. We believe in and practice evidenced based market research that enable our clients make smarter decisions, insightful information and data which conveys your customers’ experiences, evaluate communications, develop and build brands. 

Our ultimate aim is to render excellent research insight which leads to growth. We do this in a manner that is ethical, innovative, exciting and most importantly mutually rewarding, with the goal to meet the needs of today’s consumers and find out their next purchase.

What set us apart


Regardless of the job nature or location, AYG people attitude themselves that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing excellently. We are a team of academic visionaries, passionate marketers and research innovators, single-minded to deliver excellent marketing research. 


Integrity, reliability and empathy direct all dealings and define our service approach with clients and social groups.


We are extremely dedicated to the communities where we manage, safe environments and workplaces. We demonstrate care for those in need and we value and respect each other's differences and individuality.


We appreciate energetic, fun and dynamic way of working in both social and business interaction. We believe in enjoying every bit of what we do.