Improving consumer insight - AYG Measure

Customers are the most important asset for any business. Recognizing the link between customer relationships and business outcome allows companies to optimise and execute their customer strategies. In today’s dynamic markets every decision, throughout the entire organisation, needs to be informed by customer data – timely and data source skeptical.

Use AYG to gain insight into what your customers want and which improvements will produce the greatest return—on satisfaction and on your investment. We learn your customers’ needs and behaviors through customer satisfaction survey questions and rating scales. We believe it is almost impossible to improve what is not measured.

In order to boost customer experience, we believe it is essential to integrate 3 different elements: insight mapping, plan intelligent and touch point experience. 

INSIGHT MAPPING: identifying trends and corresponding variables between customers and market products. This help to identify problem areas and figure out the source of the problems by examining related variables for customer satisfaction.

PLAN INTELLIGENT: helping businesses to assess market entry opportunities, formulate market development plans and penetration strategies.

TOUCHPOINT EXPERIENCE: helping businesses to get their products direct to potential customers for mutual satisfaction.

We help you get under the skin of your customers, collecting relevant and in-the-moment feedback on their day-to-day brand experiences. By having customers (re)live their touchpoint experiences, we get closer to what makes them excited or disappointed.