Our customised solutions for Automotive, financial service, public service, hospitality and consumer goods are designed to address the specific challenges and prospects of each sector.

Automotive - 

To stay competitive, automotive makers and retailers need industry insights that provide clear direction on today’s markets and the consumer demands of tomorrow.  

Our automotive market research specialists deliver smooth insights across all areas: From improving new concepts and product design, identifying precise actions to improve car brand perception or experiences, to tracking automotive after sales.

Financial service -

The competitive landscape has widened significantly for the financial services industry in Ghana.

Successful finance industry players provide differentiated products and services to suit changing customer needs and optimise trust by stressing on transparency and client data security.

Our variety of customized research solutions for financial institutions integrate brand development and market analysis with detailed insight on enhancing the customer experience to deliver business growth.

Public service -

AYG works with government institution, agencies, local authorities, charities, local newspapers, academic institutions and churches. Our team of research expertise deliver trusted, reliable understanding of public opinion on key topics at a local and national level.

Our expertise varies in reaching audience in area of religion, education, employment, housing, transport and sanitation.

Hospitality -

In order to stay on top in this competitive environment, you need market intelligence that captures data across all channels and areas. This data should be integrated and filtered to deliver smart insights that offer the potential for superior and improved performance.

Whether you are accommodation provider, facility management, tourist operator or function logistics company – AYG is able to monitor consumers at every touch point, to show you the key factors and experiences that are driving customer decisions within the hospitality industry.

Consumer goods -

Touchpoints between brands and consumers is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Consumers are seeking richer retail experiences, rather than simply acquiring new products. There is also an intense competition for loyalty.

AYG is an innovative provider of research that targets consumer goods companies with a unique range of customised solutions that highlights every aspect of the product and customer lifecycle and enable better business decisions on a local, national level to ensure happy customer experience. This leads to competitive advantage in the consumer loyalty competition.