How We Do It

AYG consult market research delivers strategic insights that lead to success in the market field and help make impactful decisions which drives growth.  

We do this by providing a range of research approaches: 

-  Impact Survey: we assess the changes that can be ascribed to a particular intervention including projects and policies with regards to market products and customer satisfaction, both the intended ones and the ideally unintended ones.  We monitor by examining whether target have been achieved. An impact survey is structured to answer questions like; how would outcomes such as customers’ wellbeing have changed if the intervention had not been undertaken? This involves a comparison between what actually happened and what would have happened in the absence of the intervention. Impact survey helps us to answer key questions for evidence-based market surveys like: what works, what doesn’t, where, why and for how much.  This facilitates business growth and development. .    

-  Qualitative:  AYG consult conducts a face-to-face interviews and focus group discussions to acquire in-depth feedback from consumers or customers on a products or services. Qualitative research approach leads us to finding out not just what people think but why they think it. We delve in getting people to talk about their opinions so we can understand their motivations and feelings about a product or services for impactful decisions which drives growth.

 Customer focus research:  At AYG consult, we aim at helping companies put customer satisfaction first since that is a strong contributor to the overall success of a business. Therefore businesses need to identify their customer base first, and AYG consult definitely leads in that direction. We help you research about your customers (target customers) and build solid relationship with them, through organizing customers’ data base and organizing customer service orientation for employees.